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Anti Open Skies Campaign, What Happened to It?

Dedicated to Brussels Airport Donald Trump. President Donald Trump. Got your attention? For the past eight months a reality TV star, businessman, celebrity, whatever other word you want to use, has been leading the race for the presidential nomination of one of the two major parties in the United States. There is a lot to be alarmed and surprised about. But as I thought about this post, while watching another in an endless series of interviews, debates, town hall meetings with the candidates, I started thinking about…Open Skies. Seriously. Trump has spoken a lot of words in this campaign. And a huge (his favorite word) percentage of them have been … Read More

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A-CDM Affairs: Avoiding Loss of Attention Span 2

This is part 2 of my non-exhaustive debrief of Eurocontrol's A-CDM workshop, held in September 2015. In part 1, A-CDM Affairs: Avoiding Loss of Attention Span 1, among other things: patience getting rewarded ultimately, the green dots on the implementation status chart, the introduction of A-CDM in … Read More

A-CDM Affairs: Avoiding Loss of Attention Span 1

Good Things* Come to Those Who Wait Thanks for checking in on the continuation of my Airport Collaborative Decision Making series on New Airport Insider. Due to business opportunities in the rapidly expanding A-CDM world, I admit I've been rather quiet on this subject… But good to be back, and … Read More

Aviation Security: An Update

When I wrote the aviation security post last year I had several people suggest to me that I was maybe a bit too glib - too willing to take risks. Some suggested I may not have learned enough from past terrorist attacks. In the wake of the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino, California attacks, … Read More

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