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New Airport Insider is an independent blog that publishes original articles providing insights into the most relevant issues, emerging technologies, trends, and companies, and the opportunities they create for airports.

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“I have been reading articles on New Airport Insider and I must say they are refreshing and I love the detail / specificity in each. Keep it up!”

Bernard K. Asare, V.P. Connected Aircraft Systems, Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE)

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Brexit US Aviation: What is the Impact?

Editor's Note: Although the publishing hiatus was planned for July and August, we simply could not resist writing a post on Brexit, so now the break will be in August and September. This time off publishing will be used to improve the website, launch a new airport service and relax a bit. We will be back in October with a new post. Until then! I was originally scheduled to write a follow up to an earlier post on the increasing challenges airports are facing in attracting and retaining talent. This is an important issue, and it is the subject that is likely to occupy much of an airport executive's time and thoughts when he or she has a few moments and can think … Read More

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Public Private Partnership: What You Need to Know

Editor's Note: When we published the Introduction to Airport Planning post June 2014, we had no idea that it would be one of the best read posts. So today, I am pleased to welcome Azlan Morad who is writing for us about a hot topic: public private partnership, aka PPP, P3 or 3P. We welcome your … Read More

Anti Open Skies Campaign, What Happened to It?

Dedicated to Brussels Airport Donald Trump. President Donald Trump. Got your attention? For the past eight months a reality TV star, businessman, celebrity, whatever other word you want to use, has been leading the race for the presidential nomination of one of the two major … Read More

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